Jinan Foreign Language School Profile

      Jinan Foreign Language School (JFLS), established in 1989, is the unique foreign language school in Shandong Province which has been officially put on record by the National Ministry of Education. It is a complete secondary school with the prominent feature of foreign language,
which also puts particular emphasis on both Arts and Science and is geared to the needs of the world. In 2001, Jinan Foreign Language School became one of the seventeen foreign language school the whole country with the qualification determined by the National Ministry of Education that can transport admitted-by-recommendation students toward priority colleges and universities.

Jinan Foreign Language School is located in two sites: one is at No. 1 Jianguoxiaojingsan Road, which is the school area for the students of Junior One; the other is at No. 67 Yuhan Road , which is the boarding school area for some students from Junior One and Junior Three.

In March, 1996, cooperating with Shandong Sanjian Property Group Corporation, Jinan Foreign Language School established its Sanjian Branch School, which is a private entirely secondary school fully invested by Sanjian Property Group Corporation and omni-directionally

managed by JFLS. Sanjian Branch School is located in three sites: one is at No. 36 Qilihe Road,

which occupies a land area of 52 Chinese acres and is the school area for Junior Two now; one is at No. 6 Dongbaliwa Southern Road, which occupies a land area of 29 Chinese acres and is the school area for Junior Three now; the other is at No. 6868 Yaoqiang Airport Road, which occupies a land area of 189 Chinese acres and is the school area for Senior High School now.

       Jinan Foreign Language School (including Sanjian Branch School) has more than 6660 students at present and on-the-job teaching and administrative staff are 580.

Jinan Foreign Language School successfully signed an agreement cooperating to run a school with Jinan Huanshan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. in December, 1999. In the year of 2000, Jinan Foreign Language School Kaiyuan International School (Primary Section) was born. Kaiyuan International Branch School covering an area of 60 Chinese acres is located at No. 139 Huanshan Road, which is a full-time privately-run boarding primary school.

      In November of 2004, Jinan Foreign Language School signed a management agreement with Jinan Waihai Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. JFLS was entrusted with the entire aspect being responsible for sending education administration to put into effect to Jinan Waihai Progressive School. Waihai Progressive School is located at No. 19 Happy Street, Huaiyin District, taking up a field of 23 Chinese acres, which is also a full-time privately-run boarding primary school.

According to school co-operation agreement, Jinan Foreign Language School (including Sanjian Branch School) regards Kaiyuan International Branch School and Jinan Waihai Progressive School as its base of students.

Our school philosophy is to lead the formation of a perfect personality by promoting academic success. Our school objective is to comprehensively improve the quality of all the students, to highlight the advantages and export-oriented development of foreign languages. We aim to cultivate a community of much-needed back-up compound talents, to commit to the school’s scientific development, content development, harmonious development and sustainable development, and to make efforts to achieve standardization of education, integration, modernization and internationalization.

       As a foreign language school, besides opening the curriculum of general secondary schools that the country stipulates at present, we have also offered five languages used by only one or two countries or by a relatively small number of people of Japanese, Russian, French, German, Spanish. For foreign language teaching, we use foreign original edition teaching material and adopt the mode of “Listening and speaking in the lead; Reading and reciting follow-up; Writing and translating driven; Scenes blended; Practice extended”. We engage foreign teachers to give all the students lessons regularly and we take multiple courses, small classes and teach at different levels.

School sets up a comprehensive awareness of the all-round quality of teaching and curriculum awareness.We abide by the teaching guiding ideology being geared to the needs of entire, building a solid foundation and making solid progress, to strengthen the teaching of management and the whole fine management, to continuously create wealth to its own characteristics, and to promote all-round development of students school curriculum. In our senior high school, "taking class" system of teaching is at the forefront of reform in Shandong province.

School attaches great importance to teachers’ professional ethic construction and the quality of teachers’ professional development. Nowadays we have 11 province-level teaching experts,

18 city-level teaching experts and 4 teachers as Jinan special field technology top-notch personnel.

School campus culture construction highlights five themes: the background of national culture; foreign language learning environment; voluntary service culture; book incense institution of higher learning and the Green Campus. Schools help students focus on practical activities in the moral role of the principal. The existing more than 70 student organizations is committed to the achievement of students in self-management, self-service, self-improvement and self-development.

       School actively carries out foreign school exchanges. We have signed cooperation agreements with Shizuoka Sangyo Universityof Japan; The Japanese Language School in Wakayama; KAI Japanese Language School in Tokyo, Japan; Kansai Language Institute of Japan; The Russian Volga National University; University of Regina of Canada; Zola Secondary School of France; Connecticut Windsor Locks High School of the United States. We intended to establish the cooperation with Rennes, France Friendship Committee • Jinan; Columbia International College of Canada; Germany Jiade Fort High School. We have cooperated in launching the project of studying abroad with Japan Kyushu Tourism Board Transportation; Language Center in Cambridge, UK; United Kingdom Educational Group Discovery Summer.

As a window school to the outside world of Jinan education, JFLS will strive to promote the internationalization of curriculum construction and create the green channel of leading to foreign universities.

       Jinan Foreign Language School is famous for its rigorous scholarship and standardized management. School achievements have been fully affirmed by the leaders at all levels and the

community. Each year, over 20% of the three graduates have been sent in advance or by taking a small language to enter prestigious universities. For many times, JFLS is appraised as Jinan teaching advanced unit and omni-directional goal inspection advanced unit and it is judged for chemistry contest gold medal school and winning school because of the whole nation middle-school student physics contest, the whole nation middle-school student mathematics league matches and Biology Olympics contest. School has received the quality of teaching high school and college entrance examination quality award prize for several times. It is also the base of students of universities such as National University of Defense Technology, Wuhan University, Beijing University of Science & Technology, Kansai Language Institute of Japan, etc..